Upcoming Senior Activities


 1) Senior All night Party May 11

a. Seniors only!!

b. Quizzo! Detroit Inc. will provide ‘moon bounces’ and large activities and games

c. We are looking for a few parent volunteers to help finalize the activities and food (Mr. Fournier has agreed to bring in a dish!!) and chaperone the event. If you would like to help out, please contact Mr. Mitchell at mmitchell@artsacad.net

d. Tickets will be approximately $30/person

2) Prom May 18

a. Gino’s Surf on Jefferson in Harrison Township

b. Decorations (Black, Purple, Silver) ( Ms. Anderson and Ms. Harris are coordinating decorations)

c. DJ – Renard Cruse has been confirmed (he has done several events for us in the past)

d. Tickets and Souvenirs – Select senior council members will meet with Mr. Mitchell during 7th hour on Thursday April 19 to finalize orders

3) Graduation Rehearsal/Senior Dinner May 31

a. Lakeland Banquet (4 – 6 pm)

b. Cap and Gown – Will be distributed at Senior Dinner

c. South Lake Auditorium (6 – approximately 8:30)

4) Graduation June 1

a. Select Commencement Speaker – Senior council members are polling the senior class

b. South Lake Auditorium

c. Doors at 7:00 pm

d. Students at 6:00

Additional Information:

1) We will have a photographer available at the All Night Party, Prom and Graduation. Brooks Photography will offer photo packages to those who are interested. If you have questions, contact Keith Brooks at (586) 405-3808 or at keith@brooksphoto.org

2) Graduation announcements will be passed out at school on Wednesday 4/18/2012. If you have questions, see Mr. Mitchell

3) End of year procedure for non-graduating seniors, Spring 2012

a. Seniors who are NOT graduating on June 1, 2012 have a responsibility to earn credit in all their current courses. All AAW courses except senior project and English 12 continue to meet after May 24, and seniors who are not graduating on June 1, 2012 must continue to attend all courses except English 12 and Senior Project.

b. Non-graduating seniors must choose whether they will continue to attend English 12 and Senior Project or whether they will leave campus during those hours. Please see Mrs. Dunn to put your choice in writing. Students who do not see Mrs. Dunn will be expected to attend English 12 and Senior Project.

4) AAW Board of Directors Policy on graduation participation

a. AAW students must meet ALL requirements for graduation to be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.


3/13/2012 Council Meeting notes


1) We decided on a Tshirt design. Please see Megan, Christina, Jailyn, or Latonia to give them your shirt size.

2) All night party- The senior class council members will be polling the seniors about the All Night Party.


3) Prom will be May 18 at Gino’s Surf in Harrison Twp.


4) Graduation will be June 1 at South Lake High School.

11/8/2011 Council Meeting Notes


1)     Cookie Dough Fundraiser

  1. – Remind your fellow seniors to pick up order forms from Ms. Faison or Mr. Mitchell

2)     Graduation Location

  1. There are three possible venues that we are investigating

                                                                          i.     SouthLakeHigh School

                                                                        ii.      Music Hall

                                                                      iii.     ChenePark

3)     Prom Location

  1. These are the venues that we are investigating

                                                                          i.      Gino’s Surf

4)     Prom Theme

  1. The theme will need to be considered in regards to cost and appropriateness

5)     T shirt Design

  1. We will continue to discuss whether we would like to order shirts or create our own design

6)     All night Party

  1. We are investigating the possibility of having an all night party
  2. If we decide to do this, it will require quite a bit of hard work and dedication on our part (but it’s a lot of fun!!)

7)     Other Fundraisers

  1. If you have any ideas about other fundraising please let one of the advisors (Faison, Fournier, or Mitchell) or one of the class council members know about it

Senior Class Council


At the Senior Class meeting on 10/26, Senior class members volunteered to participate in the class council.


Sydney       Appel

Christina    Chammas

Kimberly   DeFillippo

Sade           Faulkner

Rhyan        Frost

Shavonne   Gilkey

Kylie           Gosselin

Jessica        Hanselman

LaSonia      Harris

LaTonia     Harris

Miklos        Jurko

Iris              McNitt

Angie          Merila

Jennifer     Moses

Jailyn         Rankin

Crissandra Scharf

Josh            Smith

Megan        Stuart

Nakeya      Tutt

Joseph        Verge

Ariana       Washington

Takiyah     Watkins-Godley

Sheon         Wellons

Paul            Wierzbicki

The Senior Class Council will meet twice a month on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Meetings will be announced.  During these meetings, the Council will create committees to address the following issues:

Prom location

Prom theme and decorations


T-shirt design and selection

Other subcommittees may be formed throughout the year.

The Senior Class Council will also work with the advisors and school administration to plan Graduation events.

Order Transcripts


You can now order your transcripts to be sent to colleges electronically!  You must sign up at www.parchment.com.  Go to My transcripts to get started.  The counseling office will get an email notice every time you request a transcript.  It’s fast and easy!

 If you don’t have internet access and still need your transcript sent, fill out a request form in the counseling office with your name and the name of the school where your transcript should be sent.  Transcripts and letters of recommendation from the counselor will go out within 10 days.


Barb Dunn MA LPC

School Counselor